Flower City Outreach exists to mobilize the Church into service so that the city might see Jesus!



To see the local Church fully mobilized into service, connecting with our neighbors across the region, to meet the practical needs that exist while proclaiming the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.



To utilize the gifts and experience God has raised up in His Church to bless the people of the City whom He loves.



It’s All About Jesus
What we do, and why we do what we do, is all focused and centered on Jesus. We believe that the greatest need in people’s lives are to know and be changed by Him.


Doing Together What No One Church Could Do Alone
We have always operated as a ministry enabled by a large church network to make possible the scale of work we deliver.


Volunteer Run, Professionally Supported
We harness the time and talents God has placed in the lives of those who know Him to do this work. We support the work by selectively leveraging professional contributions as needed.


Engaging The Whole Church
We seek to see the entire church mobilized into service, which integrates youth, young adults, adults, families and seniors. This also includes contributions from church staffs and financial support from church budgets.