Sport Camp teams deploy into the city to conduct basketball and soccer camps at recreation centers and school facilities in the city.  Both programs are conducted in partnership with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).  The camps are designed around a tournament play model where our student campers are joined with neighborhood kids to form teams that compete throughout the week.  When not on the court, the players rotate through different classes focused on leadership development and a bible study each day.

Teams consist of 5-6 adult volunteer Sport Camp Leaders and 8-10 student campers.  The interactions are designed to primarily between the neighborhood kids and the student campers themselves, with the support and instruction of the adults onsite.  Advertising goes up ahead of the camps and the sport camps run for three dedicated days as part of Work Camp.  Most years our teams will attract 85-100 kids from the neighborhood who attend the program.

Similar to the kids attracted to attend Sidewalk Clubs,  Sport Camps attract the neighborhood kids who are out of school for the week.  Sport Camps are a great way for them to pass the day while avoiding trouble, having fun and getting a mid-day meal.