Sidewalk Club teams deploy into the city to host mini-Vacation Bible School programs in neighborhood parks, recreation centers, churches and other host venues.  The teams focus on interacting with the children in those neighborhoods through games, crafts, music and dramatic skits all designed to build relationships and share the love of Jesus!

Teams consist of 3-4 adult volunteer Sidewalk Club Leaders and 8-10 student campers.  The service is primarily performed by the students themselves, with the support and instruction of the adults onsite.  Teams canvass the neighborhoods on the first day of Work Camp to invite the kids to join them and there are three dedicated program days following that week.  Most years our teams will attract 800-1,100 kids from the neighborhood.

Because our Work Camp is conducted during the week of Spring Break, the neighborhoods are flooded with kids who are out of school.  Sidewalk Clubs are a great way for them to pass the day while avoiding trouble, having fun and getting a mid-day meal.