Our heart is to serve as many in our community as we can.  We welcome submissions from homeowners, or on behalf of homeowners, using the form below to begin the process.

In order to qualify for work, a home:

  • Must be occupied by its owner (no rentals)
  • Must have electricity and heat
  • Must be screened prior to Work Camp to ensure it has the right kind of work to be accomplished by the Worksite Team.  FCWC will coordinate for a screener to come visit homes that are submitted for consideration.

Flower City Work Camp will also consider working on other structures such as churches, community centers, facilities owned by non-profits and other locations that serve a missional purpose or otherwise benefit the community.

Submissions received prior to November 1st will be considered for Work Camp taking place the following Spring.  Any applications received after November 1st will automatically be rolled forward to be considered for the following year of Work Camp.  Every year we receive four times as many requests as the number of homes we are able to work on.  We apologize in advance if we are not able to select your home for a worksite project.

All submissions are also shared with and reviewed by the FCWC Weekend Edition planning team for possible selection and work throughout the year.